Mystery Puzzle Game

Be the first team to catch a historical assassin

What to Expect

Using state-of-the-art technology, players are challenged to solve 166-year-old clues that will reveal the truth behind the secret presidential assassination of Zachary Taylor. In a marriage of fact and fiction, players work the ancient case as master cryptologists. Your group is broken into teams, each competing to be the first to solve the mystery.


Who killed President Zachary Taylor? Experts say he wasn’t poisoned, but The Go Game knows better. He was assassinated, and your company needs to help us find out who done it. Was it Vice President Millard Fillmore? Abolitionists? Anti-Abolitionists? A spurned lover? Grab your magnifying glasses, because you’re on the case. The game producer is actually the great great great great great great granddaughter of President Taylor’s physician. While cleaning out the old family house, she found a key and a series of puzzles. The family digitized and recreated everything they found at the house, but are seeking help in decrypting these puzzles and reassembling the letter. That’s why they invited the world’s top cryptologist (the players) to solve the mystery.


The game producer lays the “historical” groundwork and eases the group into the mood for mystery. Teams receive an encrypted letter with a combination of text and symbols. These symbols represent various puzzles & clues. Actors are scattered across the urban gamezone to host each puzzle challenge. They have 75 minutes to crack puzzles that will reveal hidden messages. Once assembled in the proper order, the letter will reveal Zachary Taylor’s killer. Teams that reveal the full letter and the identity of the criminal the fastest will win. But if they sabotage other teams, they will be disqualified from the game and tried for treason. However, they can take a break from the puzzle solving to engage in head-to-head challenges with other teams. The winning team will earn information from the losing team -- delivered electronically through their phones – and continue on their quest.


The butler did it! Just kidding, we wouldn’t give it away like that. However, the game does have a double plot twist that turns this murder-mystery-puzzle-game world on its head!

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