The Go Game

“ The Go Game did an amazing job and was fun to work with! They brought energy, fun and excitement that was contagious throughout our game!! Thank you for another amazing team-building experience! ”

“ Over 15 years with the company, and this was the best team-building event I've experienced. We definitely bonded and got to know one another. ”

“ I absolutely appreciated all the communication leading up to our team-building event and I was without a doubt so glad that I chose the Go Game. My favorite quote came from a 24 year veteran of the company: This was THE BEST team-building event I have ever been a part of! ”

“ Our game runner was FABULOUS, such a great personality, fun, and hilarious! My team was unanimously delighted with our team-building game, thanks so much! ”

“ It was my first time doing a Go Game and it was a blast! Would definitely do it again for future team-building events! ”


Your Team

Guided by our custom smartphone app, your team will embark on a series of team-building games that call for communication, problem solving and creativity.

Game Producer

Your game producer kicks off the game. Teams head out to the game zone to score points, take on challenges and have a blast!


Players will be prompted to take photos and videos throughout their team building game, which will be voted on in a live judging presentation at the end of the game!


Conference Goers

The Go Game can enliven your conference of up to 50,000 attendees with customized team building activities designed to engage, educate and entertain.

Game Producer

Play to Win

Earn your team points by completing session trivia, interacting with booths and networking with peers in fun, head-to-head team-building activities.


Hardware - We produced our first game in 2001 on a dinosaur phone known as a Nextel. If we could figure that out, building a custom team building game for the latest smartphone or tablet is a breeze.

Custom Software – Custom Software—Nobody else in the biz has “smart routing,” delivering the best variety of challenges, preventing bottlenecking and deftly managing large team-building events of up to 10,000 players around the world

Game Design – With over 100 years of collective game design and team-building experience, we've got more game than the Parker Brothers! (And we’re smooth—like butter.)

Theatrical - Immersive street theater is the soul of The Go Game. Stilt walkers? Check. Funk musicians? Sure. Flying monkeys? Why not?

Social Media - Need your message to #spread? We’ll incorporate all that’s #social in a socially acceptable way.

Event Production - Need a fleet of limos to hit wine country? We’ll make it happen. A flash mob in Central Park? We’ve got something brewing. How about a flash mob inside a limo? OK, now that’s crazy talk.

Boots on the Ground - With our army of game producers and game day staff, we create large and small team-building events with ease.

Charity - We value giving back to our community. From disaster preparedness games to fundraising races for public schools, we're always looking for new ways to game for good.

We can read the future! Actually, we can't. But we're guessing there's a lot of fun in yours!

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