How We Work

How We Work

Since 2002 we've made Superheroes out of nearly 10,000 companies and a half million players! They have spanned the gamut from non-technical to uber-geek, and from buttoned-down to totally zany. Our writers craft the game content to intersect perfectly at your cultural cross-roads (and convincingly suggest some forays down the 'path less taken'). Read what companies have said about their experience with The Go Game! (or check out our reviews on Yelp)


This game accomplished in 4 hours what would have taken me months of meetings and events to try to get more interaction from my world-wide team. It was very successful for me to build some team spirit and goodwill.


The Go Game was a fun out-of-the box offsite for our Tweeps. Highly recommend!

"I was a writer/game designer with The Go Game (the first, and still best, urban adventure game) from 2001-2002. The game is still going strong today — and everyone should play it at least once in their lives."

— Jane McGonigal,
Author of NY Times bestselling book
"Reality is Broken"

Yelp Reviewer

The Go Game is truly a great company. They've only been around 10 years, and they have clearly figured out a lot during that time. So, presently, they are the best they can be, and getting better all the time. My company hired the Go Game, I am the assistant to our HR director who chose them, so I was just a player like everyone else at my company.
When you play a Classic Go Game, you and your group are in teams of 5-10 people. You get a camera and a cell phone in a fun lunch box. You start the game by completing a few steps in the phone, so in case anything is going wrong, you have a chance to ask the organizer, the "Game Runner." Just a few steps so we get to know the phone, and then we were off and running!

Lisa P


Over 15 years with the company, and this was the best teambuilding event I've experienced. We definitely bonded and got to know one another.

Banana Republic

The most fun we've ever had at a company event! It was challenging, exciting, fun, and rewarding.

Tiffany & Co

I was laughing so hard that I was actually crying during the presentation/judging of the event!


This was by far the best team building event that I've ever experienced. The competitive aspect of the game helped my fellow team members to overcome any pretense of reserve and let it all hang out for the sake of victory...and I like what I saw. The use of a smartphone to deliver missions was great, the actors were great, and Roxy was excellent (those with hygiene phobias are still talking about her ad-libbed speech on collecting garbage bare-handed). Keep up the great work. I've already recommended the Go-Game to several friends and acquaintances.


I can’t remember if I already responded to this email, but if not I wanted to say a huuuuuuge THANK YOU! You were awesome and I was so impressed that you kept the energy in the room so high for so long all by yourself. My team was all so pleased with the communication and the interns seriously can’t stop talking about the game.


Thank you very much for helping us execute a successful first team building event. The activities and missions were great and everything ran very smoothly. Jade was an awesome leader and did an amazing job from beginning to end. I have received many positive comments from our team and I am sure they will be talking about the missions for a very long time. Thank you again and we will contact you again in the future!


Thank you Roxy! I'll forward this login info to the rest of the team. We had such a great time planning the game with you! You were amazing to work with and I really appreciate all of your help with planning, brainstorming the missions, running the game, and putting together the presentation. Even though I didn't play, I still had a ton of fun, and the judging round was hilarious to watch!! I'm pretty sure I had tears of laughter coming out of my eyes for a large portion of the evening. :) Your whole team was amazing and we sincerely appreciate all of your help. I hope we can work together again in the future!


We were looking for a new type of team building experience. The Go Game blew our expectations totally out of the water. In one afternoon, our crew of (relatively) intelligent, hard-working folks transformed itself somehow into a zany batch of chocolate chip cookies ? fresh and tasty. Those two hours together in teams at the mall, juggling cell-phones, maps, and video-cameras, all working together hunting clues, interacting with actors, posing for pictures, and making movies has done more for our group than a year's worth of bowling, ball-games, and breakfasts combined. Thank you Go-Game. We will be back. Thank you Mark and team for a truly exciting adventure.


I wanted to say a huuuuuuge THANK YOU! You were awesome and I was so impressed that you kept the energy in the room so high for so long all by yourself. My team was all so pleased with the communication and the interns seriously can’t stop talking about the game. [This was for our amazing game running Jenny Gottstien]

Wells Fargo

Thank YOU so much for a great experience and adventure! It was great working with all of you and I hope observing our silliness gave you lots of info/ideas as you look to roll this event out of beta status. It was really great for our team and so many folks enjoyed themselves so much more than they thought they would. A sign of a successful team building event, to be sure!

Duke Energy

I felt like I was participating on a cool TV reality show, racing around downtown Houston with a map, co-workers, and a cell phone in hand. It rocked man!! The pirate actor was a riot! I'm now definitely hooked and am pushing to have my new group participate in Go Game on their first team building meeting.


Planning and playing The Go Game was a great experience. The Go Game staff was friendly and accommodating to our group's needs — up until the last minute before the game started. They worked well within the dynamics of our team and made everyone feel comfortable. The game was easy to understand, a BLAST to play, a wonderful way to explore the RiverWalk in San Antonio and very healthy competition! They were right on when they said the more fun team building you are having, the greater your chances of winning are.

This game was much better than I had anticipated. Interaction with the Go Game facilitator and the actors made it really special. The clues and puzzles were perfectly balanced and the weather was beautiful. All levels of our team from worker bee to head honcho had tons of team building fun.

— Jane Goodall, Event Planner, T-Mobile

DPR Construction

The Go Games is everything you can want and more! The people are friendly, personable and make you feel like you're their only client. It is extremely organized and makes planning the event easy on your part. All the participants had fun; the creative videos were by far the highlight of the slideshow. I would easily recommend this to any group looking to do some team-building that is 1 part communication skills, 1 part analytical skills and 2989234 parts fun!


This game was MUCH BETTER than I had anticipated. Interaction with the Go Game facilitator and the actors made it really special. The clues and puzzles were perfectly balanced and the weather was beautiful. All levels of our team from worker bee to head honcho had TONS of fun. As the event planner I could not have been more satisfied with how easy the game was to set up. I did not expect to have so little to take care of that I could participate in the game. Being able to join the group and relax for a few hours was WONDERFUL.


We had a fantastic time! The team is still laughing over some of the images and pictures. Thanks for making this team building event a success! We were a bit wary of a structured teambuilding event - some of them can be so cheesy. The Go Game was the right balance of structured event and allowed flexibility, just the right balance for our team to have a great time! Our team is globally dispersed and we don't get a chance to work together in person very often. The Go Game was a great way for us to have fun, embarrass ourselves a little, and get to know each other's creative sides. You guys rocked - thanks again for making this a success!

The Go Game really took our Marketing All Hands meeting to a new heights. The level engagement during the game was so palpable and truly invaluable. That enthusiasm also carried over into the meeting segment, where the video playbacks and photos help to enliven our business updates. The best part is that our marketing employees truly felt like the stars that they are when they were allowed to take center stage, along with the work they produce.

— Omar J. Pe–a, Director of Marketing, Washington Mutual

DePuy Orthopaedics

Our big boss split the teams so evenly and with so much diversity in mind that you had to overcome any reservations that you might have had - - - but it turned out to not matter, if anyone did have reservations, as the game itself brought you together and you couldn't help but smile, giggle or even laugh out loud! i know we even made the streets of Indy smile!


Best Team Building ever!! The Go Game has impressed us from start to finish

Perceptive Software

It was a much needed break from the 4 walls/no windows conference room!!!! Everyone had a chance to work with different people from different depts., while having tons of fun and getting some exercise! All in our own city! Can't wait to do it again!

How did you ever come up with these missions!?!? I have lived in the game zone for over 10 years and wasn't aware of some of the facts revealed by the missions. They were challenging, clever, creative, and appropriate for a group of finance folks. Everyone enjoyed the game immensely.

— Linton Kwesi Johnson, General Manager, Safeway

Fidelity Investments

Thank you Lea. We had a GREAT time! You did a fantastic job organizing and facilitating the process. Members of my team said it was "the best team building/corporate activity they'd ever attended". That's high praise from a pretty tough audience. Thanks again!