Team Building Activities

Team building games are a central ingredient to achieving success as a focused and effective organization. As Inc Magazine points out, "Companies with engaged work forces perform better." And nothing has proved more effective than a team building game. For this very reason, thousands of companies have chosen The Go Game's team building games to turn their group of individuals into a team.


Classic Go Game

A cell-phone scavenger hunt on steroids (starring you and your co-workers) that's played in cities all across the world! Read on!

GOden Globe

The Movie Game

Teams, replete with with costumes and snazzy cameras, compete to create the most awe-inspiring short film. Read on!

Movie Game

Undercover Game

The Go Game: Undercover turns your office personnel into a dream team of undercover agents, taking the stage in a treacherous world of syndicates, henchman, villains, international crime and more. Read on!

Go Game Lite

Community Service Game

This offering adds a meaningful, hands-on community service component to the Classic Go Game. We've partnered with a host of non-profit agencies to create mission content that involve a wide range of activities -- helping at food banks, collecting toys, writing letters to our troops, etc. Read on!

Themed Games

The Spy Game

Straighten your x-ray glasses and strap on your watch phone, you're about to star in the The Spy Game -- one of the latest creations from The Go Game! Read On!