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Come join our dynamic group of multi-talented staff. We've been a staple of San Francisco for over 10 years and have had many amazing alumni - including Jane McGonigal who was an intern with us back in 2001. You can sign up below to be an actor in our games!

Movie Game

Go Game Actor or Plant

Have you always dreamed of soaring through a city in a Batman suit? Do you practice your pirate accent daily in your eye patch and boots? Does the idea of dressing up like a 70's gym teacher and leading people in aerobics sound like the time of your life?

If you enjoy being the center of attention and showing people a good time, The Go Game is looking for you! We are constantly hiring fun, reliable, talented people to act in our games in locations all around the U.S. and a little bit internationally. We call these people 'plants', and not the kind that photosynthesize. The idea is that you are planted in the game zone as a secret agent for the players to find as our cell phones lead them around the city. You might have a task, a clue, a password, or a story for the teams as they go about their adventure. Whatever it is, your job is to make sure the players have fun, and we guarantee you'll have fun too.

The time commitment for each game is approximately three hours, and the pay is good. Once you have signed up in our database, you should receive a plant email blast when a game is scheduled in your area. Once you've been booked for a game, your Game Producer will contact you with details regarding your particular event. We require that plants be punctual, communicative and reliable, and we promise you'll leave the game with some great stories. Let the public displays of ridiculousness begin.

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