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Jenny Gottstein

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Favorite TGG Story

It was my first time driving the company car, and I had to take it up to Napa. To get in the zone, I decided to turn on 98.1 because they always play great old jams like Chuck Brown, Frankie Smith, Earth Wind & Fire, Allman Brothers, etc. By the time Janet Jackson came on, I had the volume cranked up, the windows down, and I was singing my heart out.

What you have to keep in mind is that the car is a Honda Element, painted bright orange with the company logo airbrushed elaborately along the side. It looks like a circus! A circus on wheels.

So I'm in the middle of belting out "privacy is my middle name / my last name is control / no my first name ain't baby / it's JAAAAANET", when I look over to my left. Turns out there was a whole biker gang riding alongside me, dying laughing. Nice.


My hometown: Volcano, California (population 103). We have a wooden jail, a cannon, a saloon, a general store, an amphitheater, and a water tower. Add a few fake mustaches, marshmallow catapults, and pirate costumes.... voila! best game ever.


Carmen Amaya 1944 epic hairwhip finale!


Designed a zombie disaster preparedness game, a roadtrip game to save state parks, a Let's Move game to support Michelle Obama's anti-childhood obesity initiative, and a city-wide food truck scavenger hunt.