Karaoke Rickshaw

Mobile Bike-Powered Joy Delivery Unit!

What To Expect

The Karaoke Rickshaw is compact enough to create a curbside spectacle at an event or bar—with the impact of three 50-watt speakers and 400 LEDs to draw a big crowd. The Rickshaw can be rented for small groups or added to an existing game, such as The Classic or Color Wars. 

Host with the Most

Your host/driver/party starter is highly trained in the arts of encouraging spontaneous sing-a-longs and making the night memorable, one star at a time. The rig comes equipped with over 80,000 high-quality karaoke tracks to choose from. You’ll always find your favorite tune.

Karaoke brings out something special in people. Turn the Rickshaw into a mobile karaoke contest to distribute prizes or raise funds for a cause. Everyone looks fabulous when they're bathed in the glow of the Rickshaw. We can even make videos of your performers with our mounted GoPros!

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