Music Video Game


Simply put, turn your team into pop stars

How it works

The Go Game brings over a decade of experience crafting events that harness creativity and digital gadgets. So, your dreams of becoming a pop legend can finally be realized with The Music Video Game.

The screaming solos! The choreographed dance moves! The epic shots that have defined generations! Prepare your team, for your about to be stars.

Your 'Game Runner' creates all of the programming necessary to match every lip sync, highlight every rockstar glance and glitter glam hip shimmies.  

Pick A Classic Video

The End Result

After all the songs have been sung and the steps have been danced your game producer will edit together your masterpieces and host an epic Grammy Award ceremony where everyone can view their handiwork.

Awards are announced, speeches are spoken, and everyone will have a new-found appreciation for the unearthed hidden talent that was sitting at the cubicle next door.

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