Hands-On Marketing Games

Want your product to feel all soft and fuzzy? 

What To Expect

Marketing anything these days is confusing. A multitude of media layers vie for our attention. The Go Game presents a unique approach to this challenge: immersive, hands-on play. We create customized game experiences that showcase your brand or product in a truly memorable way. The Go Game's engaging game content and well-designed game mechanics provide the perfect vehicle for getting your message to market. In conjunction with social media and more traditional outlets, a Go Game experience truly stands out. We have years of experience producing unique events for new and existing products. From new cars to frozen waffles—we've got you covered!

The Strategy

Once you hire The Go Game, we work with you to identify the key areas of promotion and advertising that will make your product and brand stand out. A Game Developer then combines your desires with those of your potential clientele to craft a Game that places your brand center-stage.

Example: Revolutionary War

We've sent teams, made of journalists, bloggers, and high level gamers through key historical sites around the Freedom Trail in Boston to promote the launch of a Revolutionary War themed video game release. Players answered questions about key historical sites around the interacted with actors portraying the Founding Fathers, and shot photos and videos recreating famous moments from old school video games.

Example: Jewelry Race

The Go Game produced a promotional game for a jewelry chain themed around the wedding of Price William to Princess Kate, with the goal of reaching a younger demographic. Local couples played on their own smartphones. They had to persuade or impress actors portraying British celebs - giving 'Prince Harry' their best pick up line, and singing X-Factor style for 'EltonJohn'. Teams took photos of themselves as the royal couple, and of romantic moments. The winning couple received a pair of earrings replicating those worn by Kate at her wedding. The race was covered by over 200 news outlets, including Fox News, NBC and The Boston Globe. The client received 38,000 hits on their website as a direct result of the PR generated by the Royal Race!

At the Games’ Conclusion

An event with us is more than just a game, it's a distinct and inventive experience that will have you and your customers buzzing with excitement.

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