Lip Dub Game


A choreographed piece of musical glory, starring you guys

A Lip Dub?

Part lip-sync and part audio dub, a "lip dub" is a one-take, continuously shot music video starring your group. The best part: Zero talent required. The other best part: You create something so spectacular that you may just want to share it with the whole world.


How it Works

Your team, split into groups of 10 to 20 players will execute a choreographed video that will electrify any meeting, off-site or conference.

This type of musical tribute has exploded across the globe, captivating young and old alike. From the front page of YouTube to "Good Morning America," these deviously simple clips are all the rage. 

Your Turn!

It sounds simple enough—a one-shot music video—but it actually gets tricky to nail all the cues. That’s where The Go Game comes in! Using over a decade of experience with both corporate entertainment and team-building events, we bring the choreography, logistics and technology to turn your event into an unqulaified success.


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