Lawn Games

Ditch the tech and bring back that campy feeling

(For 60+ players)

What to Expect

During a Lawn Games event, teams of 10 players are presented with up to 10 challenge stations. Each station offers a different sporty, physical challenge. Teams compete head-to-head over the course of one to two hours. Think "Field Day" with a creative twist. Players build towers out of spaghetti, rocket yoga balls high into the air and play a host of more well-known classic lawn games.


Our Lawn Games are designed for large groups of 100+ players


We deploy our crew of professional actors as excitable 'referees' to facilitate each station. Armed with stopwatches, whistles and official scorecards, the refs keep time, tally points, announce winners and cheer on everyone at each station.

Lawn Game Gallery

After the Game

After the rousing conclusion of the last challenge, the game producer declares the overall winners! We present a trophy, shower the victorious team with glory and award them bragging rights redeemable until next year’s Lawn Games!

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