The Holiday Game


Make this year's party unforgettable.

What To Expect

Celebrate company accomplishments, create inside jokes, make unforgettable moments—our Holiday Game Show will deck the halls with adrenaline and laughter. Think of it as an entertaining mash-up of trivia, game show challenges and creative missions (all imbued with holiday spirit) that will keep everyone laughing while they play together.

We can scale it for groups of any size—for any length of time between 30 minutes to 2 hours. This high-stakes contest will give players a chance to see their co-workers in a brand new light and end the year with a bang. 

After the Game

The Holiday Party Game culminates in an interactive judging round or slideshow that will wrap the hilarious moments in a big red bow. 

The perfect way to spike your end-of-year party with competition and absurdity. 

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