How does a leading video game studio convince members of the media that their new game release is the bomb? Obviously, you hire The Go Game to cast a game layer over downtown Boston. Teams of reporters (Now, embedded players in a living breathing gamezone) are treated to an immersive experience like no other.

Primary Goals

  • Enhance/deepen the learning at session breakouts
  • Encourage attendee networking
  • Drive traffic to the showroom floor
  • Oh, and to have fun of course!

The Game

After meeting with Ubisoft and learning about the goals of the event, The Go Game writers got to work customizing missions. Each facet of the game educated the players about the new characters and themes in this 'hot-off-the-press' release. Relevant facts about the game were transformed into ‘MISSIONS’ in a fast-paced street game.

Dudes dressed as Redcoats? Check. Headless horsemen? Yup. Good guys and bad guys alike came to life, as the teams got a truly unique, real-world taste of the new game. Our proprietary game software delivered each mission to teams' phones -- ensuring no bottle-necking of teams, and fluid game mechanics and experience for the players.

Teams went crazy. It turned a simple media Q&A into a high-energy, mad dash for points. Creative video challenges harkened to content from prior game releases, and teams were tasked with re-creating the seminal scenes they'd played over the years.


We've worked with Ubisoft several times – All in the context of corporate team building. Each of those events were hugely well-received. They'd already seen firsthand our commitment to service and dedication to running a water-tight event, so when it came time to bring the message to the press about this new release, they trusted us to deliver something great. Our ability to weave their awesome content into a believable, mobile phone street game made us the clear choice to meet their needs.

The reaction from the press was incredibly positive. They went on to garner tons of awards and acclaim. The title was a hit. But this street game was the first look anyone got. We’re extremely proud to have collaborated in this way with the Ubisoft team!

“Over 15 years with the company, and this was the best teambuilding event I've experienced. We definitely bonded and got to know one another.”