Sprinter Van Road Rally


Take 70 players and 7 Sprinter Vans. Add one hitchhiking Elvis, a mystical Desert Shaman, and an abandoned hotel crime scene. Sprinkle in a few walkie talkies, clues hidden in canyons, water balloon launchers and a Ramones song. Throw all of this into an epic landscape that radically changes every 5 miles and combine it with a group of people down for an epic adventure. Blend. Serve.

Primary Goals

  • Take an off-site company retreat to the next level
  • Foster team bonding + intra-team competition
  • Explore the amazing and bizarre landscape of Borrego Springs
  • Have a blast in the middle of the desert!

The Game

As one of the country’s premier music festival producers, our client knew a thing or two about amazing experiences. We wanted to blow their expectations out of the water, so our Game Producers put their heads together to design a knock-em-out game. 

We knew we wanted to combine elements of multiple game types to provide a one-of-a-kind trip. With two days to plan this epic adventure, the team set out exploring desert attractions, meeting residents, and recruiting businesses and employees to join the game.

When it came time to play, participants received a smartphone with missions located within 30 miles of Borrego Springs. They were tasked with completing as many missions as possible within a 3 hour period. Along the way they completed creative challenges, met locals, threw down with other teams, created content for a music video, discovered secret agents, and explored the beautiful area of Borrego Springs. All while racing across the desert in 50 mph winds. It was like Mad Max meets It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World. 

Needless to say, the results were...legendary.


Don't take it from us. The feedback from our client says it all:

“It was so great to see people finding things out about each other throughout the course of the game. People are much more likely to talk with the individuals on their team that they never previously spoke to. I could not have asked for a better game, a better producing staff, and a better reception from all the participants. The only fault that people were considering in the whole process was that they all wish it were longer, because they were having so much fun!”

Cole Froelich

Operations Project Manager