Finnegan Kelly


Finn Kelly is the CEO and co-founder of The Go Game. Started in 2001 in collaboration with his good friend Ian Fraser, The Go Game was the first hand-crafted, location-based game of its kind, weaving actors and creative stunts with trivia and location-based clues. Over the past 15 years The Go Game has evolved into the leader in corporate team building, running over 100 events a month around the world. To date, over 1.5 million players have experienced their blend of fun and creativity, and they have grown to a $4 million company with 25 employees across the country and licensees in 10 other countries. Finn is responsible for the technical side of the company, and his code created the very first versions of The Go Game, which he’s been improving on ever since. Like any true renaissance man, Finn's other passion is music, and he is responsible for creating Treat Social Club, which explores how technology and game theory can enhance audience engagement.