Ode to Portland

Ah Portland – a thriving hub of innovation, coolness, coffee, footwear, and bike enthusiasts.

We adore this city, which is why we climb into our orange jumpsuits and visit it so often. The best part is, since this is truly a city of “eclectic tastes”, Portland natives hardly blink an eye when they encounter Go Game antics in the Pearl, Downtown, and Nike Campus.

For example, in any other city an epic ninja battle might raise eyebrows…

Or athletic dudes “vamping” for our Glamour Shot mission might turn heads…

Or perhaps impromptu arm wrestling contests…

planking flashmobs…

inappropriate breakdancing…

or anonymous love letters might stick out like a sore thumb.

But not here in Portland. Nope! You guys are completely unruffled by Go Game spectacle, and for that we love you. Stay strange Portland, we’ll see you soon!




    New York, Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of…

    Contrary to the belief of some, life does, in fact, exist outside of California. And so does The Go Game. Here in New York, The Go Game has a omnipresent…um…presence. Like a stealth superhero, The Go Game New York Game Runner darts through the night (actually more often the afternoon) saving the day for those afflicted by the 9 to 5 lifestyle.

    A fine example of one such occasion happened last month. On November 4th I ran a game for a marketing company called Efficient Frontier. The group was fantastic – energetic, creative, and just plain fun. They took the West Village by storm, solving missions about chocolate hairdryers and cheese affineursThey met with our snobby New York Art Collector, as well as our infamous Pick Up plant.

    They vamped for awkward glamour shots in Father Demo Park.


    They executed their creative missions with grace, wit and a whole lot of humor. Among them were these gems:


    1) The latest greatest pointless trend (i.e. planking)

    “Human Bench”


    2) Finger movie (recreation of a classic movie using only fingers as actors…)

    “Jack Drawing Rose, Titanic”

    The entire group had a blast (as did I) and the energy and camaraderie was palpable.  But hey, it’s just another day at the office for this Game Running Superhero.