Sweet Creativity Training!

This week The Go Game went to beautiful Boulder, CO to run a
creativity training for the first-year attorneys at a large,
international law firm. Led by Michelle (Game Producer) and Lisa
(Improvisation Guru), we spent the day making movies, doing
improvisation exercises and discussing how to take the creative process
back to the law firm to create a more successful and supportive work

We divided everyone into teams, which were comprised of the learning
groups that these first-year lawyers will work intimately with over the
next year. At the end of the day, we were thrilled to hear that our
Creativity Training really helped the players develop stronger
relationships with their team members and coworkers. In our final
debrief, one guy said:

“It’s amazing how often these ‘team building’ activities just show you
how un-trustworthy your coworkers are. You know, you do a trust fall and
no one catches you… that sort of thing. But I actually feel much closer
to my coworkers after today! I feel confident that we can trust each
other and will support each other this year. This was definitely the
best team building I’ve ever done!

You can see just how close the teams became with this eloquently-written
love note written from one team to another…

In all seriousness though, the training was an amazing event, and it was
really fulfilling to see the players so engaged in learning about
themselves and their teams. It seems that we helped them create a work
environment that will contribute greatly to their success in their first
year at the firm.

Here’s what our client said about the game…

“Hi Michelle,
Thank you (and Lisa) for running a very successful program… the
associates certainly had some fun videos and good learning that came out
of the process. I think the combination of improv and videos made the
program engaging and the afternoon flew by.
I hope to work with you and Lisa again in the future.”

Creativity Rocks!

    PICNIC – Best. Conference. Ever.

    ***Cross-posted from The Go Game UK blog***

    The Go Game has done quite a few conferences in our time. There was the 3200 person extravaganza in Dallas and the crazy 72-hour free for all at SXSWi this past March. But no conference we’ve been a part of compares to PICNIC,
    held just a few weeks ago in Amsterdam.

    The organisers of PICNIC have tagged the event as ‘Not Your Ordinary
    Picnic,’ which is true, but doesn’t give you the full scope of the
    event. In reality it’s not your ordinary ANYTHING. PICNIC is a mash up
    of the finest tech and design minds in Europe that produced spectacular
    results. Life size Etch-A-Sketch? Check. RFID tags and games? Check. A DJ? Check. A twitter tree? Check. Free coffee? Check.

    The conference took place at the Westergasfabriek,
    a converted gasworks on the edge of downtown Amsterdam. The hub of
    activity for the event was the Picnic Club which you can tour in 360 degrees
    to get a full scope of the crazy things going on.

    We played The Go Game in the Picnic Club and integrated things like the
    Etch-a-Sketch and make your own collaborative music video booth into the
    game. Of course there were ample opportunities for teams to explore
    PICNIC’s dining options and interact with the local wildlife:

    If you are in the tech, arts, design or interactivity sector here in the UK or Europe I hope to see you at PICNIC 2010. For now, we recommend viewing the PICNIC Flickr photostream below:

      Community Game!

      Last weekend was our Community Game in the Mission, benefiting
      Intersection for the Arts!

      Here’s what players said about it…

      “My best San Francisco moment to date. I can’t stop raving about how
      much fun I had. Seriously, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do more community
      games, I know plenty of people who would gladly pay to play!” -Sha

      “I’ve already told everybody I know that they should experience Go Game,
      either personally as a community event or as a corporate team building
      experience. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it!!” -Audrey Fisher

      If you missed it, we feel so bad for you that we’re going to recreate
      the day in photos right here on our blog. So sit back, scroll down, and
      watch the magic unfold…

      The game was an ultimate battle between Mission hipsters:

      (Note that this girl was not “in on the game”, but a team got her to wear a Go Game tattoo anyway!)

      And Marina Preppies:

      (Note that these people *may* have been “in on the game.” And yes, they’re real.)

      There were Superhero sightings:

      And jump rope contests with strangers:

      We began new relationships:

      And may have ended old ones:


      PLUS we raised over five-hundred bucks for these guys!

      (Aka. Intersection for the Arts)

      And I’ll leave you with this, because 1) It’s AMAZING, and 2) It was
      absolutely not related to any of the missions in the game. But one thing
      is certain: if you play The Go Game you can be as cool as this guy.

      Our next Community Game is Saturday, November 14th, so check back for more info! You don’t want to miss it!