How Low Can You Go?

At approximately 4:45 PM on Tuesday, June 23rd an important meeting was held in Go Game Headquarters. Melanie Duve, Zach Chin and Alli Ball
had a meeting of minds in which they determined who was in fact the
employee with the most poise, balance and grace. That’s right, ladies
and gentlemen, it was time for some AFTERNOON JENGA!

Not your typical Jenga set, this particular edition was supplied by one
of our most delightful clients of late and came color coordinated and
with a set of dice – two improvements that actually led to a fun game.
Also adding to the fun was the fact that we kept singing the ‘Limbo
Rock’ song. Which Zach admitted to currently having on his iPod.
Actually, now that I think about it, he does go to a lot of weddings where that might come in handy.

Anyway, here are some pictures of how much fun this was:

That’s Alli (AKA TowerPlaya) winding up her patented power roll. You should see her play Yahtzee.

That’s Zach (AKA HighTower), trying to stack some blocks after a crushing roll of the Jenga dice.

That’s me (AKA TowerOfPower). Look how much fun I’m having. My whole face is squished into happiness.

We had so much fun that I think we should make a movie out of it. We’ll call it ‘Well Stacked’ and this will be the poster:

We rock!

And even though we didn’t catch it on film, Zach lost this game. Because
his KNEE hit the table during Alli’s turn. Which kinda makes me the
champion. Nice. I didn’t think about that until now. I’m a winner.

    Lost Luggage?

    Unless you were cryogenically frozen for the past few decades you’ve
    probably heard stories of airlines losing luggage. It happens all the
    time, in fact by a quick google search the only statistic I could find
    was from 2007 that said, “One in every 138 checked bags went missing
    during the first nine months of this year.” The airlines say that this
    number is really not that bad, because over 99% of the luggage gets to
    its destination. If you look at the numbers then it doesn’t seem so bad,
    but I want to visualize this a little differently. Let’s take one of
    the most popular commercial flight planes out there, the Boeing 737.
    Depending on the model of the plane, it can hold anywhere from 128 to
    215 passengers. Let’s guess that on average 1 bag is checked per person.
    That means the airlines lose about 1 bag per flight. To me that doesn’t
    seem cool.

    By this statistic my family must be very lucky with our luggage this
    year, in the past 4 months we’ve had 2 bags lost out of the 4 flights
    people in my family took. We’re either really lucky or maybe those lost
    baggage numbers are higher than the numbers I’ve found. One of the
    things that was lost was a stroller that was checked at the gate of the
    plane. How does a stroller not get on the plane when you walk it all the
    way up to the plane itself? What’s wrong with these airlines?

    Anyways, I just recently found a site (
    where the owner of the site collects lost luggage, photographs the
    contents and tries to find the owner. This is what the site says about
    how they get the luggage:

    “When a bag gets lost the airport or airline will store it for a
    while and try to find the owner. If they can’t identify the owner of the
    case they send it to be auctioned off with the profit going to charity.
    I go to these auctions and buy the cases so I can photograph them for
    my weird voyeuristic passion. The reason for the web site? I would
    really like to try to find the people who own my suitcases, so if you
    have any friends who have lost a case people get them to have a look.”

    Interesting, neat, possibly creepy, but cool.

      The Celebrity Match Game

      Gather round kiddies! It’s time for another Results Blog! That’s
      right – we here at The Go Game have played yet another bizarre and
      twisted game for your viewing pleasure. For this bout, employees had to
      choose a celebrity date for each of their co-workers. After all
      submissions were in, we were emailed the celebrities that were selected
      for us and asked to choose the person we would most like to be paired up
      with. The winner was the person who successfully matched up the most
      co-workers and famous peeps.

      Luckily for everyone involved in this dating game, I have just
      discovered this ground breaking computer program called ‘Photoshop.’
      Here are the pretty couples below, in no particular order:

      Erin chose the babalicious and hilarious Portia de Rossi as her celeb
      date. Move over, Ellen, ’cause Erin is one tough cookie – she even has a
      motorcycle helmet. I think they look great together (although nice neck
      tanline, Erin), which is appropriate because I suggested the match.
      Point for me!


      Next up is my celebrity bohunk. I must say the pickins were slim. There
      was no way I was gonna pick Patrick Swayze and I am SO over Zach Braff,
      so I choose to be paired up with the Spock of our generation, Zachary
      Quinto. I think we look great together. The suggestion came from Finn,
      who suggested an actor from ‘Star Trek’ for almost everyone. Point for


      Finn Kelly was probably given the widest assortment of celebrities to
      choose from. No age, gender or puppet was safe from being suggested for
      the wild and zany Finn Kelly. I think he made a great choice, however,
      when he decided to just dance with Lady Gaga. Another point for me! I’m a
      veritable fiddler on the roof. What? That joke doesn’t even work.


      Lovely Roxy Taghavian is the next contestant on this sorted game show.
      She chose someone I had never heard of before, but after some Google
      image searching have decided is pretty cute. Her winner was Josh
      Holloway, as supplied by Lisa. Point for Lisa Pinsky.


      Ian Fraser went an entirely different route than his business partner,
      Finn Kelly. He chose a woman who’s name has become synonymous with
      smarts, sexiness and Portuguese Water Dogs. Setting his sights high, Ian
      selected Michelle Obama as his mystery date.


      Zach Chin, our developer and frequent blogger, decided to walk down the
      runway of love with supermodel Heidi Klum. I did not suggest this one
      (Lisa did), but I do think this is the BEST Photoshop of the bunch. They
      really look great together. Point for Lisa.


      Quite possibly the most plausible couple of the bunch, our sometimes
      developer Gabe Smederson paired himself up with Ms. Natalie Portman.
      They look so nice together, although I think Gabe is getting a big head
      from hanging with such a famous chick. This expert match was provided by
      ME! Another point in the Melanie bank.


      Sasha Cox surprised everyone with her pick. Ok, well, not EVERYONE.
      Mainly me because I was crossing my fingers that she would pick MY
      suggestion. Instead, she made the choice to walk down the red carpet
      with Christian Bale. MMmmmm…Batmaaaaaaaan. Point awarded to Roxy.


      Andrew Stewart went the obvious route, and chose Salma Hayek. And by
      ‘obvious,’ I clearly mean ‘smoldering goddess of Latina hotness.’ This
      feisty date was suggested by Finn – so point for him!


      And rounding up this interesting game is our Gear and Assignment
      Manager, Alli Ball. Not knowing much about pop culture, she made a wise
      choice with the man who makes all ladies want to take a trip to
      Australia, Wolverine. I mean – Hugh Jackman. I suggested this date, so
      give me another point!


      So, for those of you who have been keeping track, I WON! For real! I
      won, I won, I won. I should have my own TV show on Bravo. I can sense
      chemistry like an 8th grade science teacher. I am simply the best.
      Better than all the rest. I’m so good that I’m dancing right now! Second
      place went to Lisa and Roxy and Finn tied for third.

      Also, we will be taking up a collection for me to take a class in
      computer graphics. I want to learn how to blend layerrrrrrs!

        Where’s my flying car? And what about my jet pack?

        So I recently just opened up our blog to anonymous commenting so that
        you didn’t have to have an account or be logged in to actually post a
        comment. I was surprised to see how quickly spam robots found our blog
        and started abusing the new open comment format. Seriously though, I was
        amazed at how quickly they found it. Two days after I opened up the
        commenting format there were over 200 comments on one of our older
        entries. The comments all varied but essentially had the same context
        about viagra, xanax, and cialis.

        Fun Fact: CAPTCHA
        = Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans

        Because of this I’ve made another change to our blog format, now if
        you’re an anonymous poster you have to enter in a captcha to prove that
        you are a real person and not just a spam robot.

        What’s with technology today anyways? I thought we were supposed to have
        flying cars by the year 2000?
        I don’t even see prototypes of flying cars that even the extremely rich
        can afford… When was the last really life changing invention anyways?
        Cell phones changed our lives, now we don’t have to be at home to take
        calls. The Roomba made us not have to spend time sweeping our floors.
        But what other inventions out there have changed the average persons
        daily life? Some might argue that GPS or DVR have but I’m not sure I
        agree with that. Those didn’t change peoples lives, those just made it
        so that people didn’t have to look up their own directions or spend the
        time programming their VCR’s to record a show. That just streamlined a
        process that was already possible. So what’s actually new that changed
        how the average person lives? I’m sure there are plenty of
        medical things out there that are revolutionary, but I consider myself
        of average health and would not say that there has been anything that
        has changed how I live my day-to-day life.

        Some people around the office mentioned things like “online comparison
        shopping” has changed the average persons life, and I would agree with
        that. But come to think of it, that’s just the internet making things
        available more widely, and the internet is nothing new. Dating websites
        have changed how people meet other people, micro-chipping pets has
        changed how we find them when they get lost.

        Plato and Zoey
        There’s been a few times where I’ve seen this guy walking down the
        street by himself (the tortoise, not the infant). It’s a good thing we
        got him microchipped, not only in case he wanders off on his own
        but also for identification in case he gets stolen.

        I spend more time deleting spam mail from my inbox these days.
        Apparently that’s a technology that people want. They want to sell you
        things by shoving it down your throat over and over again. Like I didn’t
        get your message the first 10 times you sent me the latest deal on
        Viagra today, why don’t you send me another 5 messages before the day is
        up, and then do it again tomorrow. Maybe after the 500th message I’ll
        just change my mind and order it.

        Maybe the spammers are trying to help me realize something. Viagra has
        changed the lives of many people. Maybe it is one of the latest
        breakthroughs for the average person? I’m sure it’s helped countless
        people who will refuse to admit to using the prescription drug that is
        used to help erectile dysfunction. I mean, I would never admit that I
        take Viagra, that could be embarrassing. I mean, if anyone ever saw me
        swashing down a pill of “Vitamin-V” and asked what it was I would just
        say that it’s for high blood pressure, what it was initially used for. I
        don’t know why I would know that, but then again I’ve never taken it.

          Pastry Friday is consumed by National Donut Day

          People are catching on to my little secret…errr, maybe I just have
          an innate sense of when sugary baked happiness should be consumed.
          Friday has always meant one thing in my book. Pastry Friday. Below
          you’ll see my local bakery, Boulange de Cole. It’s literally 1 block
          from my humble abode and it takes every growing ounce of me not
          to indulge more frequently. I admit, I’m lacking in the will power
          department. I’m so very happy I live mostly in fog and not a sun
          drenched (bikini insipiring) slab of California.

          In case you didn’t know, this Friday is truly a Holey day. The first
          Firday of June is national donut day. According to the World’s Second
          finest News source (The Onion is clearly the World’s First) Wikipedia
          claims, and I quote,

          “National Doughnut Day started in 1938 as a fund raiser for the Chicago
          Salvation Army. Their goal was to help the needy during the Great
          Depression, and to honor the Salvation Army “Lassies” of World War I,
          who served doughnuts to soldiers behind the front lines in France.”

          And for those of you who’ve always pondered the correct spelling of a sweet, deep-fried piece of dough or batter:
          Doughnut is the conventional spelling, donut a variant used in
          advertising or signs and as eye dialect. There you have it, a doughnut
          is a donut by any name.

          So, please enjoy responsibly (no need for sugar spikes or, worse yet,
          sugar crashes) and think about joining the Pastry Friday Club. Go
          ahead, you’ll like it. You might even be inspired to bring some
          cucpakes to the office (I pick these up from the Noe Valley Bakery)
          every now and then. Make friends and sate enemies. Most of all, enjoy a
          little of something that makes you smile.