Wildfire Preparedness Game

On May 25th, I will be organizing a Wildfire Preparedness Game in my hometown: Volcano, CA. The goal of the event is to share preparedness resources and build community resilience in a way that is engaging and fun for all ages.

In 2010, I organized an Earthquake Preparedness Game in San Francisco, and have since developed the concept of Disaster Preparedness Gaming. With the unprecedented drought conditions and alarming wildfires last summer, I am determined to apply my passion towards ensuring the safety of my hometown.

wildfire game flyer prf 2

flyer credit: Terry Grillo

The game will take place in Volcano on Sunday May 25th (Memorial Day Weekend) from 4pm – 6pm, and it is free / open to the public. But if you plan to attend, please RSVP to jenny.gottstein AT gmail DOT com so I can plan to bring enough materials!

Activities will include:

1) Evacuation route map-making

2) Go Bag assembly relays

3) Family Feud-style fire safety quizzes

4) Creative preparedness videos

It takes a village to prepare for a fire, and I am actively looking for advice and support. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly with tips, resources, suggestions and questions: jenny.gottstein AT gmail DOT com

Also, if there are any individuals who would like to volunteer to make the event run smoothly, please be in contact! The more the merrier.






    Tune In!

    Brittney Gallagher – the brilliant mastermind behind  the Digital Culture LA podcast – interviewed Go Game co-founder Finnegan Kelly and gamerunner Jenny Gottstein about zombies, disaster preparedness gaming, beer and the Hero’s Journey.

    “If we can bring humor to the disaster preparedness process… and if we can do it using the undead… then we absolutely should”

    Listen to the full interview HERE 



      Airplane Adventures


      We fly all around the world to run games, and as you can imagine… we’ve found ourself in many strange situations.

      Inspired by these airplane confessions by travel professionals (…most pilots are asleep? crazy! …don’t drink the water because it is shared with the lavatory? EW!), we decided to share some of our travel confessions & tips.

      1. Don’t put a bullhorn in your checked luggage.  When it falls to the conveyor belt, it might trigger the alarm function. One of our gamerunners was forced to fling underwear in the air while furiously unpacking in front of alarmed passangers to turn it off.

      2. Do pack a pirate’s hat & parrot in your carry-on. Because it’s hilarious when you have to unpack it for security.

      3. Taco costumes make great pillows. Especially when sleeping on an airport floor during blizzard cancellations.

      4. If your space helmet doesn’t fit in your luggage, wear it! And only open it to eat peanuts.


        The Go Game Presents: Lawn Games

        Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.47.22 PM

        Smell that? Fresh cut grass, melted ice cream, and sunblock? Summer is coming. Which means it’s time for:

        LAWN GAMES

        You provide the park, we’ll do the rest. It’s the most fun your team will have on a lawn this summer.

        For your Lawn Games event, teams of  8-10 players each will be presented with sporty challenge stations.

        We’ll provide referees to facilitate each station, armed with stopwatches and official scorecards.  Sample stations may include: tug o’ war, water balloon toss, cross country ski relay, three-legged race, and other summer camp classics. Add some original Go Game challenge stations for unique and hilarious competitions. Maybe some jousting or hula hoop tag?

        Referees will tally and announce the winners at each station/sport, leading up to the declaration of the overall winning team.

        We’ll shower winners with bragging rights and prizes in your very own Olympics-inspired award ceremony.

        Want to energize your team with a few hours of high-stakes competitions, ridiculous relays, feats of strength, cheering, and glory?  Reserve a game before our summer calendar sells out!

        info [at] the go game [dot] com