All The Play That's Fit To Print

The Go Game White Paper on Play

At the Go Game, we dedicate our days to very important matters.  We ask questions, significant questions. We delve into research about cutting-edge advances in business, science and technology.  We strive to understand and overcome the great challenges of our time and bring you the answers.  Time after time, our research comes back to one thing – the pure potential power of one team coming together for the common purpose of building the highest spaghetti tower in the world. Simply put, play changes everything.

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Play at Work: An Antidote to the Daily Grind

Creating a playful workplace and building camaraderie needn’t require extravagance.

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How to Build Trust in the Workplace

No one should be ridiculed for thinking, even if the logic is faulty. Bad ideas, like dumb questions, are part of the creative process.

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Play: As Universal and Far-Reaching as the Internet

We work all over the world and can testify that play is as far-reaching as the internet.

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Team Building and Recreation: Two Different Beasts

Team-building activities usually include elements that combine problem solving, delegation and communication. The same cannot be said for skydiving, white water rafting or heliskiing, where a hired guide makes all of the important decisions (thankfully).

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